#017 – Better Ways of Doing POINTS! – @terrabyte_aura

Hi, this is @terrabyte_aura here again. I’m currently in the midsts of exam stuff, so I kept this post quite short. Anyway, enjoy!

There are many ways to score points. Collecting things, by distance, by accuracy, by hit, but those are really overused. We need new scoring systems, so I did the obvious and went “HERE’S SOME!!!”, so yeah, HERE’S SOME!!!

 Points from your enemies, or PACIFISM points 😀

What if the only way you could get points was to leave your enemies ALIVE? Let’s say you gained a point for each step an enemy takes. The longer you leave enemies alive, the better you do! But what if a player was to just wait at the presumably “safe” part of the level until your enemy friends spawned millions of points? Simple, they only move to follow you. And they’ll kill you when they touch you (of course), so you better run! Or kill them. But then you won’t get any points. Aww.

 Points from your opponents. 😐 :0 😦

You have to trick your opponent into giving you points. Maybe you can disguise points crates (or a similar system) to look like they give negative points? Then when an opponent comes along they will hit the box, thinking that it’ll give you negative points, but NO! They get the points! Hilarity ensues.

 Points as atoms

Atoms only have a value of 1 when alone. However, when you bond or fuse them, it creates new molecules worth a lot more points that can give you special powers!

Photo 06-06-2013 20 38 36

 Points that swarm like bees

By disguising yourself as a flower, bees could act as points and self-defence! I don’t have much else to say about that one.

 Points that aren’t numbers

Yes, I’m talking about collecting points as polygons in no particular order, as points. Now you can say “Look mum, I’ve got <nonagon> points!” and watch the confused expression appear on her face. Also works with dads and goldfish.

Points that aren’t actually points… 😕

You collect points as normal. Then they disappear. An on-screen message appears- “What are points?”. You realise that philosophy has got the better of you, and slowly weep in a corner.

Anyway, that’s all for a little idea from me about point scoring! Enjoy your week, stalk me on Twitter @terrabyte_aura or complain/be nice in the comments!

iandioch note:

… Yes. I…  I just… feel inadequate as a designer now. How could I have been so… so boring… in my scoring systems. Next time Finn, I promise. I’ll be more… something. Unique, maybe. Silly, more likely. Nonsensical, of course.

And I beat you. I got duo-decagon points.


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